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Creating Memories in the Kitchen with Foodstirs

I love to bake. There’s something therapeutic about measuring the ingredients, pouring and mixing everything together that calms the nerves and brings me back to the yellow kitchen of my childhood. It’s also an activity that my kids enjoy as well and if I can tune out the mess, we always have a good time. But let’s be honest, how many times have you pinned something on Pinterest only to have it end up looking like the featured post on Pinterest Fail or not tasting quite as good as you had hoped. Are you slowly raising your hand?

Foodstirs, the brainchild of former vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar and her two best friends, Galit and Gia, who were dismayed when they tried to find a boxed cake mix at the supermarket only to be met with a host of ingredients that were impossible to read and pronounce. Pick up a cake mix in the supermarket. I dare you. It’s not pretty.

Sarah Michelle and her girlfriends had found a gaping hole in the marketplace and decided to address it head on. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Michelle and her business partner Galit a few months ago and learned that this was not just another celebrity-endorsed branding opportunity, but the ladies had, in fact, put their other projects on hold and were creating this business from the ground up. From testing (and retesting) the ingredients to source ones that were both organic and non-GMO and actually tasted good (not an easy feat apparently) to physically packing the boxes and shipping them to their rapidly growing mailing list. As Sarah Michelle puts it, “There’s no reason why food shouldn’t taste good and at the same time be better for you.” So true.

foodstirs cupcakes
foodstirs baking

Each Foodstirs box is curated to include everything you need to create a baked good and some even turn your treats into an easy craft. We tested the Blooming Brownie Kit and received an enthusiastic thumbs up from my two and I’m obsessing over the Ombre Pancake Kit (hello Mother’s Day!). In creating the line, Sarah Michelle and Galit were inspired by the notion that we were increasingly becoming more connected with others yet more disconnected with our families. Taking the time to create together in the kitchen builds the most memorable family experiences but also instills a confidence in our children that they were able to make something and share it with those they love.

foodstirs batter
foodstirs blooming brownie kit

We loved our experience with Foodstirs and can totally picture making this a regular activity in our house (the subscription service is a no-brainer) and my little and I are already plotting a kitchen takeover for an epic spring playdate with a few of her favorite friends.

Sample provided.

NANCY DEANE is a former marketing and lifestyle maven now on her biggest project yet: raising twins in Manhattan. This Canadian via California girl enjoys exploring beauty, fashion, travel, and design (for adults and kids alike) and can be followed on Twitter and Instagram at @toastncandy. Read all of Nancy’s posts.