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Glam Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

Valentine's Day gift ideas under $50 for your or someone you love!

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Valentine's Day gifts under $50 for you or someone you love!

Some highlights:

  • isn't just for holiday cards and invitations. They have really cool gifts and personalized artwork, not to mention unique class Valentine's for the kids. Sebastian and I made these for his friends.
  • I never thought I would be a slipper person but now you will never find me without them! Dearfoams is a new favorite after Three Stylish Mamas featured them last fall. The ballet slippers are lightweight, easy to pack/store, and stay on securely.
  • If you didn't see my review of PUNJAMMIES last year, the collection of loungewear from International Princess Project, is created in fair-trade conditions by women formerly enslaved in the sex trade. If you support the cause this Valentine's Day with a purchase, you'll also get a set of gorgeous note cards from Baxter & Co with your order.
  • I love my new iPhone design from Casetify and the personalized cases make awesome V-Day gifts. Quick and easy to create. They even sell Selfie Sticks, which are all the rage in Miami. Take $10 off your order through this link.
  • Still rocking my Quilted Koala bags every chance I get. They were in South Beach with me this past weekend. I need this jewelry roll (and so do you)!
  • Have you heard of "1F704Bd" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">The Bouqs Company? It's a delivery service that cuts flowers the day you order and mails them straight from the farm so you get the freshest Bouq possible. The site is a curated collection of options at a $40 flat fee including shipping. Can't beat that!

If none of these girly gifts suit your fancy, wine ALWAYS makes a good present!

What's on your wishlist this V-Day?

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