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Any gal that lives or works in Chelsea I'm sure would agree that there are few places to shop for women's clothing (or heterosexual men's for that matter) west of Sixth Avenue. American Apparel and The Gap are pretty much it. So when I'm jonesing for some retail therapy, Big Bub in tow, I'll pop into one of the two for some t-shirts and leggings to calm my nerves (big props to whoever decided it was again fashionable for us ladies to don cheap, comfy, stretchy pants). It was on one such occasion that I recently stumbled upon these Double t-strap sandals at The Gap:

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I have a pair of nude, patent leather Manolos that cost an unmentionable price ("but honey, they go with everything") and these are their laid-back, first cousins from sunny California. Price tag? $39.50, if you can believe it. No idea if they'll last the season but frankly, no daily-worn shoe of mine has ever been a match for the concrete jungle.

Big Bub has been rocking these Crocband Clogs (in a size 6! Way large for a 9-month old, hence the nickname "Big Bub.")

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I first saw them at Super Runner's Shop in Grand Central but checked Amazon and sure enough, they were cheaper ($29.99). I love that they're a Croc/Top-Sider hybrid.

And don't worry, Glamadad's dogs weren't left out. He got a pair of these J.Crew's Twill flip-flops ($28.50):

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If today's weather was any indication, it's going to be a hot one in NYC this year. Summer adventures here we come!