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This past weekend I attended my first blogger conference, BlogHer 2010 (at the Hilton New York) and made it back to the real world, without a scratch.

I'm kidding! The she-bloggers aren't that catty.

All joking aside, as a newbie, BlogHer was an undeniably great opportunity to meet other bloggers and gain insight into how they stretch themselves creatively, espouse social change, cultivate humor (not that I need tips on that), meet brands looking to partner with Glamamoms like myself, get the most out of social media and technology, and more.

Overall, it was a positive experience. A 2-day conference for women, by women, where the he-bloggers were few and far between, provided an earnest peek into what the world would look like without men (well, maybe not the world but certainly business). I was most impressed by:

(1) THE ACCOMMODATIONS: The conference offered a breastfeeding lounge, closed captioning for the hearing impaired, and gluten free options for meals. Mothers attended with their babies. Imagine that? Mothering and still being productive. Who knew? Not to mention the parties sponsored by Latinas in Social Media and Queerosphere, a community of LBGTQ writers. These considerations and the overall accessibility, made BlogHer the most welcoming and inspiring conference I've ever attended.

(2) THE SPONSORS: The conference events were sponsored by a vast group of major consumer products companies and retailers, which not only kept the cost of admission for attendees reasonable ($99/day) but added to the overall excitement of the weekend by filling two exhibit halls with product demonstrations, partnership opportunities, interviews, photos, contests, giveaways, and swag. Lots and lots of swag. For a full list of BlogHer's 2010 sponsors, click here.

(3) THE ACCESSIBILITY: There were event-sponsored parties and private parties but regardless, they were pretty much open-door. If attendees didn't RSVP or receive an invite to an event, they were still encouraged to attend. Events that weren't at capacity welcomed walk-ins (a refreshing change from typical NYC nightlife).

I didn't get to attend too many parties because my in-laws were visiting (insert snarky comment) but my favorite event was the Hair Rules Party hosted by the ultimate Glamamom, Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends, the chic daily, Mamaista, and innovative stroller designer, iCandy at the stylish NYC salon, Hair Rules. I got to meet a bunch of NYC and style bloggers (Easy Peasy, Child Mode, Savvy Sassy Moms, Momma's Gone City, Dada Rocks) and felt right at home.

(4) THE COMMUNITY: BlogHer gave the more established bloggers another platform from which they could share their wisdom, speak publicly, and promote their brands. Their honesty, humor, and humility was much appreciated.

Some other highlights {in photos}:

Sure, not everyone lived up to my expectations but for the most part, I was welcomed into the blogosphere with open arms.

BlogHer 2011 will be in San Diego. It'll be a little more of an ordeal for me than hopping into a cab but I think it's well worth it for those serious about blogging.