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Crafting the Ideal Guest Room in Your Home

Decor tips to craft the perfect guest room in your home.
guest bedroom

When friends or family come to stay in your extra room, you want them to feel at home. Your guest room should achieve this but also provide a personal touch that reflects you and your personality. The room should be a stress-free environment that visitors won’t want to leave. Here are some decor tips to craft the perfect guest room in your home.

Keep it Clean and Organized

This one should be a given. Keep the layout of the room simple as to not accumulate clutter. Even if the room doubles as your home office, it is very important to exhibit good organization to help make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. Make sure you are caught up with cleaning before guests arrive; be sure to dust and vacuum thoroughly. If you really want to go the extra mile, include some fresh flowers to add a great scent and bring some freshness to the room.

Add a Personal Element

When your guests are close friends or family, it helps to provide a friendly atmosphere by adding friendly, uplifting personal pictures. Even better, if you have any photos of happy times spent with the guests from years past, it would be a great idea to put those pictures in the room for a nice stroll down memory lane! Doing this adds a thoughtful, personal touch to the room and will make the guest feel right at home.

Provide Convenience

When you have visitors, it is important to have all the amenity items provided and in plain view. You want to help them pack light. Make sure you have included plenty of clean towels, toiletries, hangers, sheets, extra pillows, blankets, and anything else they might need for their stay. Also, take it one step further and stock the bathroom with little extras they might have forgotten to pack. These items include: extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, and travel soaps. It is important to think ahead and provide the best hospitality you can. Remember, you want them to leave thinking: “Wow I’m so happy we didn’t stay at a hotel!”

Include the Little Things

To add a friendly atmosphere, put little goodies in the room to show your guest that hospitality is a priority. These can be things like a bowl of fresh fruit or a candy to munch on. Keeping their favorite coffee and all the extras is a good gesture and helps get their day started—it’s the little things that really say you went the extra mile.

Give it a Sophisticated Look

If you really want to impress your guests, stock the room with classy décor and features. Pick up some tasteful artwork and position it to draw attention. This will help give the room character and a unique feel. Put in a few bookshelves and fill it up with some good reading material. When you populate the shelves, be sure to provide a wide variety of genres that appeal to all tastes.

Use the Right Furniture

When you are choosing the right furniture for your guest room, it should look sophisticated and inviting. The furniture in the room should be casual and make your visitors feel right at home. Be sure when you chose furniture that melds well with the rest of the room, and focus on comfort. Somethings simple like this mission style leather recliner could be your jumping off point and provide utility and style in one fell swoop. You don’t want anything to look awkward or out of place. It should all flow together to give off a warm, cozy vibe.

Get Your Own Impression of the Room

In order to create the perfect guest room, you need to test it. Spend a night or two in the room to get the full effect and find out what works and what doesn’t. Make sure all the amenities are in order and tested to provide your guests with the best possible experience.

Use these tips to spice up your guest room and have your visitors live like royalty when they stay with you!