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Intensati Warrior Summer Challenge & FREE One-Month All-Access Pass to Equinox

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I'm pumped to be taking my first intenSati class on Thursday, July 1st at 6:30pm at the Equinox on 19th & Broadway.

What is intenSati you ask? It's a mind and body workout combining movements from dance, martial arts, and Hatha Yoga with powerful mantras (I am strong, I will succeed) that reinforce positive thinking while strengthening the body.

Developed by Patricia Moreno, voted "Best Fitness Instructor" by Allure magazine and twice by New York magazine, intenSati promises not only a physical workout but also the mindfulness and tranquility usually derived from yoga. "The goal of intenSati is to enable a seamless and total integration of body and mind, allowing you to be and experience all you deeply want... right NOW!"

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My friend Natalia Petrzela teaches intenSati and coreSati at Equinox clubs throughout NYC and in East Hampton. She's also an ambassador for the global apparel company lululemon athletica and a total rock star! We worked together in investment banking early in our careers and she continues to blow me away with her ambition and successes (need I mention she has a Ph.D. from Stanford?). Here she is in a lululemon photo shoot, 32 weeks pregnant! Don't you just love her already?! If she can't whip this Glamamom into shape, no one can.

Here's the intenSati Summer Warrior Challenge and free, one-month all-access pass to Equinox:

It's common knowledge that exercising in the morning boosts your metabolism, improves your mood, and lays the foundation for feeling empowered all day long! Are you willing to take the responsibility for living your best life now? Make this your best summer yet!

For the month of July, if you commit to 4 intenSati workouts a week (2 of them MUST be 6:30am classes), you get a one-month all-access Equinox membership to participate.


  • Only open to non members who have never participated in previous challenges
  • If you are a member of Equinox you must be an all access member
  • Pay it forward. Before you activate your pass you must order an intenSati DVD and send it to a friend. Go to to order
  • Kick off class is Friday July 2nd at 6:30am at Equinox on 17th and 10th
  • Wrap up class is Monday August 2nd at 6:30am at Equinox 50th and Broadway
  • For a full schedule of classes go to only Equinox classes count
  • You MUST activate your pass at Equinox at 19th and Broadway between June 30th and July 1st. Ask for Sharie
  • You will receive a warrior bracelet for every class you take and to complete your challenge you must have 16 warrior bracelets
  • To sign up email