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June 2, National Running Day

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Tomorrow is National Running Day. I absolutely love that the sport of running has its own day of celebration. Well-deserved running! You've been steadfast and have provided me with a much-needed outlet over the years. Every time we're together, I feel calm and focused. You take my breath away and get me high. You've challenged me with your marathons and empowered me as I conquered them. Hope we can hang for many more years to come.

From today's email from the New York Road Runner's Club:

Lace up your running shoes, inspire your friends and neighbors, and celebrate the sport of running on June 2.

Here's how:

  • Check out the National Running Day (NRD) website to find local running events near you or to post one that you want to host. Befriend other runners on the NRD Facebook page.
  • Ask a sedentary friend or family member to join you for a walk or a run, and help them discover the benefits of exercise. This is what National Running Day is all about.
  • Running is a life-changing sport for kids and adults alike. Marathon world-record holder Haile Gebrselassie will join 2,500 youngsters at the NYRR Mighty Milers Fun Run in Icahn Stadium tomorrow. You too can get a child to go outside and get moving on this special day.
  • Don't miss the NRD events around town. Visit our runners stations at Engineer's Gate in Central Park and Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park and the Runners' Rest Stop on the Upper East Side as you hydrate before, during, or after your run. Join NYRR's Young Professionals Committee for a fun run and happy hour to support NYRR's youth programs.
  • Register for next year's NYC Half-Marathon lottery for the March 20, 2011, race that will run through the heart of New York City. Use National Running Day to jump-start your training and motivate you to sign up for a race.

If you live in NYC and don't have a membership to NYRRC, step to it! Being part of a running community is a life changing experience!