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Laura Prepon's "You & I, as Mothers"

"That '70s Show" and "Orange is the New Black" actress and director Laura Prepon shares her raw and honest guide to navigating motherhood.

You may know her as Donna Pinciotti from "That 70s Show" or Alex Vause from "Orange is the New Black" but I fondly think of Laura Prepon as Hannah from the underrated and short-lived "October Road." These days, she goes by "mom," a role that left Prepon feeling "there was so much not being talked about when it comes to the reality of being a mother." In an effort to be a resource for other women, outside the context of just raising children, Prepon penned "You & I, as Mothers."

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"You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood" to is part memoir, part handbook, as Prepom digs into her own unconventional upbringing and investigates how it shaped her as a person and as a mother, with intimate stories and never-before-shared anecdotes brought forth in an effort to understand our collective experience as mothers. The book is packed with practical tips for moms of any age, at any stage of motherhood, such as stress reduction techniques, self-care, protecting one’s partnership, asking for help, and getting a global perspective on maternity, and includes a selection of easy and delicious recipes, from ideas for kids-friendly food, to romantic dinner dates, and batch-cooking favorites that will help any parent feed their family.

Prepon also interweaves insights and interviews from her “Mom Squad”: an eclectic group of mothers of all ages and professional backgrounds, including a world-renowned survival expert, a top neuroscientist, creator of Orange Is the New Black Jenji Kohan, actress Mila Kunis, author and activist Amber Tamblyn, and chef Daphne Oz—among other inspiring moms, who lend their voices to the much needed conversation of what it means to be a mother.

If you're a fan of Prepon, you'll enjoy her backstory and person anecdotes. I skimmed through and appreciate the little tips and reminders to be mindful about my attitude, making gratitude lists, practicing letting go, preparing in advance, etc. It's not remarkable advice but Prepon is experiencing motherhood for the first time and chronically her journey, which may parallel your own and serve to affirm feelings you're having regarding the many hats moms wear and the prevailing stress that comes along with the job. The last chapter of the book has some very basic recipes and kids meals. 

Given the current, unprecedented time we're living in, I think a book like "You & I, as Mothers," is a quick, fun read, with great reminders about being kind to ourselves, a message Glamamom wholeheartedly endorses.

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