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Life-Enhancing Apps to Download Right Now

life-enhancing apps to download

With technology, there are so many readily available apps to help manage the day to day and keep us entertained as well. Here are some life-enhancing apps that can help streamline your life as well as entertain:

The fitness app craze isn’t slowing down. If you’re the type to incorporate technology into your routine, you may have heard of the 7-minute workout, where time-strapped users can go through thirty-second intervals of exercise with ten seconds rest between. The app is free and voice prompted so that you don’t need to look at a timer or device, and mixes achievability with intensity.

Paid apps like Sworkit give you more variety, as you can tell it your preferred type of activity. Choose from stretching, strength, yoga, Pilates, cardio, and more, and tell it the amount of time you have – ranging from five minutes to over an hour – and it gets straight to work personalizing a workout for you from a database of over 170 exercises.

Online roulette games might not be the first thing you do when you want to unwind, but they are certainly worth trying out due to the matches to your deposits given, and the range of games you can come across at you can mix some new finds with old favourites too.

Most of us use apps on phones and tablets to entertain us during our spare time, whether it’s playing games, reading, or listening to music. Building up a playlist of music or movies saves time as well as giving us suggested shows and artists based on our favourites. Some apps even give tidbits of information on actors or artists, stuff you can’t get on catch-up services online.

Convenient for doing away with bookmarking pages and allowing you to multitask on your phone, these apps for iPhone, tablet or Android use video prompts as well as the expected picture and ingredients list, and customizable criteria such as theme and country of origin. Others act like more of a search engine than a recipe book and link you to other sites to search for inspiration. Yummly, for example, has this as well as a shopping list feature based on your customised recommendations.

User-friendly retail comparison sites allow users to price compare anything from grocery to games and gifts. ShopSavvy is constantly updating on when a given item can next be found at a discount and where. Just tell it what you’re looking for and it will keep a look out and alert you. It is also one of the many apps on this list that you can use as a barcode scanner. Shopadvisor lets you scan from magazines and chronicles the rise and fall of prices too.