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Lululemon Athletica Video Shoot

This morning I worked out under awesomely unique circumstances.

My friend Natalia, who I wrote about here, is a lululemon athletica ambassador and starring in a musical that the apparel company is producing to promote the brand.

Despite my two left feet, Natalia invited me to participate in the intenSati class that was being filmed for the video at Flywheel Sports Flatiron.

I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked chanting I am strong! then realizing I'm completely out of step but Sati is just so damn fun and I'm so happy to have taken part.

If you're in NY, you MUST try this class at Equinox!

Here's a little behind the scenes action showing just how motivational Natalia is:

Hopefully I'll be able to share the finished product at some point.