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The days of losing family on ski slopes or hiking, friends at festivals, pets in parks and colleagues on business trips are officially a thing of the past. LynQ, the smart people compass that works without smartphones, internet access or mobile, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks, announced today it is commercially available, keeping groups together during any outdoor activity. This news comes after LynQ sold more than $1.7 million in presale on Indiegogo and shipped to its early backers.

LynQ 1

The clip-on, weather-proof device, which has been government-tested and approved, allows groups of up to 12 to find each other, at their exact location, across miles – even when other technologies fail! It does this through its intuitive compass-like display that allows people to see their relative distance and direction from each other in real-time. Additionally, a “homebase” (i.e. car, tree, tent, etc.) can be set as an anchor for users to regroup after being separated.

LynQ is currently available for purchase on with pricing starting at $249 for a 2-pack.