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Pastel Floral

Jill Seiman

[jeans : hudson / blouse: drew for a pea in the pod / tank: h&m maternity / heels & ring: jennifer lopez collection c/o kohl's / bag: mulberry / cuff: c/o kara ross / bracelet: anthropologie / watch: michael kors /sunnies: old gap / lips: maybelline fifth ave fuschia href=""]

Happy Monday friends! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

What's that you say? Oh yeah, look at that! I'm almost 5 months pregnant! Sorry to hold out on you but I'm not much into announcements and I've been so sick these past few months. I thought my bloated face in the Kohl's videos gave it away but you are all so kind and had nothing but encouragement.

So yeah, a new end of summer! I'm still getting used to the idea myself and have been so busy with the nursery school process (Bubba's in!), looking for a new babysitter (damn your ambition Valen!), and puking my brains out (don't worry, obviously I'm gaining weight like a pro).

This time around is so different from my pregnancy with Bubba, complete with a whole new set of fears and paranoia. Hopefully I'll get it all down in a post but in the meantime, I'll leave you to marvel at how big my boobs are...already. Enjoy, because my nose isn't far behind.

Have a glamorous week! xo