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healthy mama: Safe Remedies for Pregnancy, Nursing & Beyond

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When I found out I was pregnant, I became somewhat obsessed with my body. I was more aware of every slight change in how I was feeling than ever before and I memorized the list of things I should and should not put into it. This created a bit of a problem, as I felt all of the little aches and pains (and the nausea!) more acutely but couldn’t and wouldn’t take any of the over-the-counter medicines I would normally use.

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Enter healthy mama Brand. Made with ObGyn recommended ingredients, this line of pregnancy-safe products is free of dyes, artificial flavors, and gluten. The Be Well Rounded! Prenatal Vitamins & DHA/EPA Supplement are part of my daily routine. I love that they’re also sugar-free and have gentle iron to help alleviate constipation and gastric upset. Plus they’re easily accessible at Wal-mart, Target, CVS and GNC.

One of my biggest issues while pregnant was morning sickness—only it was more like all day and all night sickness. It was brutal. Luckily, in addition to vitamins, healthy mama Brand has a couple of products morning sickness remedies that work wonders on nausea. Nip the Nausea! Organic Morning Sickness Remedy ginger lozenges help alleviate that terrible sick feeling. Ginger has been used for generations to combat nausea, which is probably why it’s also in the Calm the Crazy! Morning Sickness Remedy herbal tea. Also 100% organic, this yummy tea is specially blended with stomach-calming ginger, spearmint and peppermint, soothing chamomile and raspberry leaf.

Pop a ginger lozenge, pour yourself a cup of tea, and put those tired feet up. You’ll feel the calm wash right over you—without having to worry about baby’s safety!

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