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myTide Garment Care

With a toddler and a newborn infant, our laundry situation just got real!

Between spit-up and grass stains, kids' clothes get a lot of washing. Our biggest garment care concern, besides keeping up with the mounting laundry altogether, is fading and less than crisp whites.

From tough stains to odor elimination, Tide promises the perfect product for any lifestyle.

After taking the myTide Selector Quiz to find out which Tide product was best for us, I learned that Tide Vivid White + Bright is recommended to keep both white whites and bright brights wash after wash, so I immediately went out to buy it and have been washing with it ever since.

I love that it's an all-in-one detergent safe for all our machine-washable clothes, which saves both time and money, and free of harsh chlorine bleach.

What's your biggest garment care concern? Have you consulted myTide Selector?

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From dingy whites to tough stains, Tide has a cleaning solution designed for any laundry needs. Need to eliminate odors from active wear? Looking for a solution that’s free of dyes and perfumes? Tide has a product to fit any lifestyle. Find out what Tide is right for you with the MyTide Selector.

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