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Grow Your Own Produce Year-Round with Automated Indoor Gardening


As we become increasingly health-conscious about our lifestyles and diets, it's encouraging to see innovative ideas and solutions to make eating healthier easier. OPCOM Farm announced the launch of its GrowBox and GrowWall advanced indoor gardening systems this week, enabling anyone (maybe even me with my black thumb) to easily grow their favorite vegetables, herbs, sprouts and fruits inside their homes, year-round. Unlike existing hydroponic solutions for kitchen use, they have the capacity to grow a significant amount of produce at a time and offer their fully automated, easy-to-use system at a relatively reasonable price point (the GrowBox and GrowWall are priced at $499 and $599, respectively).


GrowBox, a tabletop system incorporating four multi-wavelength LED lamps, is able to grow up to 50 plants at a time. GrowWall offers a space-saving vertical design with advanced LED tubes that support up to 75 plants displayed on five different levels. Both models use approximately 90 percent less water than traditional outdoor gardening, offering an environmentally friendly way to grow.

Both products are designed to benefit families with a variety of interests and needs, including:

  • Those living in dwellings with little or no outdoor space who want to enjoy the benefits of personally grown food;
  • Those who desire delicious pesticide- and pollution-free vegetables and fruits they can trust, grown sustainably with minimal water and energy use and zero carbon footprint;
  • Fitness enthusiasts, vegetarians, vegans and others who desire the health benefits of a diet rich in plant-based foods;
  • Parents who want to teach their children how food is grown and get them excited about healthy, natural, fresh foods;
  • Seniors or others with limited mobility who would like to garden without physical exertion.

I know what's on my holiday wishlist! A GrowWall might be a little aggressive for our home but the GrowBox would fit perfectly and be an amazing life lesson for the kids. For more information, visit OPCOM Farm indoor gardening systems.