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The Perfect Drink: App-Controlled Smart Bartending

What is a Christmas party without a signature cocktail?

Simply put; nothing.

But when it comes to crafting the perfect Mudslide or White Russian, I think I’d feel a bit more confident if someone was telling me exactly how much of everything I should be putting in there every time.

Let she among us who hasn’t made an entire pitcher of margaritas that tasted only like tequila cast the first stone.

If you’re looking to give your holiday soiree that little extra something special it needs, but you’re also kind of kitchen incompetent, Perfect Drink is what you’ve been dreaming of (even more so than a white Christmas.)

"1IWdk25" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Perfect Drink works by connecting a smart digital scale to your Smartphone via a jack and an interactive app, which is available for free on the Apple store and Google Play. The app has over 300 drink recipes, including classics (think Bloody Marys and Margaritas) and some fun new ones (the Finding Nemo is of peek interest.)

When I say this, I mean it literally: It is impossible to mess up your cocktails with this thing. You can quote me on that.

Once you pick your drink, the app lists everything you need to buy so you can make your shopping list accordingly and get ready to make the magic happen. Alternatively, you can tell the app what ingredients you have on hand and it tells you what drinks you can make!

Perfect Drink Ingredients

The kit comes with a silver shaker, but can calibrate itself to the weight of any vessel you’d like to make cocktails in. I chose a pitcher drink -- namely, the Rose sangria -- because contrary to popular belief, more is more.

Perfect Drink

Once you’re all prepared, click “Build” and begin!

Perfect Drink iPhone App

The app makes the most pleasing little *DING!* to let you know you’ve added enough of each ingredient. I’ve never been so willing to stop pouring wine in my life. The thing even knows when you’ve put in the correct amount of solid ingredients like fruit as well. Science, man.

Perfect Drink App

When all was said and done, I halfheartedly believed the sangria wouldn’t even taste good -- I’m one to get overzealous and add double the brandy necessary because I don’t appreciate any recipe telling me to water down my drinks. But for once, I was wrong. That was some damn good ‘gria.

Perfect Sangria

True to the name, "1IWdk25" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">a perfect drink it was.

Sangria y the fire

Sample provided for review.

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