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DIY Post-it Note Calendar

How-to create a vibrant and flexible organizational calendar using Post-it Notes.

As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, blogger, preschool board member, and many more titles, my days are filled with various responsibilities that are constantly evolving and changing. I consider myself an organized person but have never had an easy time keeping my schedule with traditional or online calendars and agendas. My life doesn't fit neatly in a tiny square box.

I prefer a traditional paper calendar so I decided to try my crafty hand at a DIY organizer using the new 2014 Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection. They're bold and vibrant and add a fun pop of color to my desk.

Supplies needed for a DIY Calendar:

  • Post-it Notes in varying colors
  • Your favorite notebook
  • Pen to jot down your entries

To create:

There's a lot of flexibility in customizing a calendar to meet your specific needs but I used a separate page of my notebook for each day of the week. I've found that between my family me, we have that much going on and I like to have a place to jot things down.

Write each activity, appointment, reminder, or task on a Post-it Note and place it on the page of the corresponding date. This month I'm using the Bangkok Color Collection, which mixes up a number of Asian influences to create a spicy mix of colors, perfect for welcoming spring and coordinating with my desk. You may want to assign a color for each category i.e. yellow for kids' stuff, pink for work, orange for personal, etc. I plan to use a different Post-it Brand Colors of the World color palette each month or season, including Mykonos, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

The great thing about using Post-it Notes as calendar entries is that I can move them around as my schedule changes. If I'm scheduled to make a recipe for dinner, I can also write down my shopping list then remove it from the calendar and take it with me to the grocery store. Or I can schedule a reminder for myself in advance then move from my calendar to my car or vanity mirror when the reminder becomes pressing.


I love the idea of my DIY calendar and how it looks. I'll report back at the end of the month and let you know how it's going and if it's made a difference in staying organized.

How do you keep your family calendar?

{This series is sponsored by "GlamamomPostit" target="_blank">3M Post-it® Brand but all opinions expressed herein are my own.}