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Last night I had way too much fun (and way too many passion fruit cosmos) with an amazing group of girlfriends from high school. Some, I hadn't seen in 15 years!

We met for cocktails at the waterfront restaurant, Prime in Huntington, Long Island, then hopped around to Honu Kitchen & Cocktails, home to Long Island's longest bathroom line bar, and Chesterfields, a dive bar where certain members of our group were performing.

I'm forbidden to post any pics or video taken after midnight, which is a damn shame cause it'd probably attract a colorful new group of readers to Glamamom.

I can share the few things I remember learned:

  1. Wild thing, I want to f*ck you, is so much catchier than I think I love you.
  2. Female anatomy comes in all different shapes and sizes.
  3. Dancing on the bar should probably be left to strippers.
  4. Even brown eyed girls are tired of that song.
  5. Antipasto at 3am is a million times better than at any other time of day.
  6. Female cabbies drive just a recklessly as male ones.

Thanks Erin, Shannon, Katie, Jeanette (and Dave) for making it a night I won't soon forget.  Cannot wait for the 20-year! I'd say we should do it again sooner but it could take my liver that long to recover.