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Starting one's own business is a huge risk. There are start-up costs, opportunity costs, and of course the fear and anxiety that come with trying something new and managing your own destiny. But if you've taken that leap, then you believe the benefits will outweigh the risks and are ready to fight the good fight to ensure they do.

I didn't take the decision to leave my previous employer of 7 years to start High Line Media lightly. In fact, I took a series of precautions to ease the transition and make sure both my family and I were prepared for the ups and downs of managing a start-up:

First, I didn't make the decision to go out on my own with a branded identity until I had meaningful experience and a small client base and leads to draw from.

Second, I got buy-in from my husband. Not in the sense that I needed his permission but I wanted to review our finances together and make sure he understood what starting this business would mean, both the cost and the time commitment. Could our household afford additional costs without any income? If so, for how long?

Third, I took on a temporary, good-paying, part-time assignment for experience and to earn money to carry the business until I had more steady work.

Founding High Line Media was both a risk and a personal stretch but thoughtful planning gave me the confidence that I wouldn't fall too behind financially in order to do it.

High Line Media

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