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It's hard to believe that in a mere week or so our social feeds will be gleaming with adorable back-to-school photos memorializing the new academic year. Didn't summer just begin?

It's Back-to-School Season!

It's Back-to-School Season!

While it's been a memorable summer for us on many fronts (we welcomed a new baby, the big boys both went to full-day camp together, we planned and have an upcoming 70th birthday party for my dad), I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to getting back to our standard routine and commitments.

Along with a new school year for my boys comes a whole host of volunteer opportunities for me. Civic service, particularly in our public schools, has been an enormous part of my life since moving to the suburbs. What started out as a great way to meet people when we were new to town has become an ongoing way to reaffirm our commitment to the community and the education of our children. It's important to me to have a voice in our schools and help shape the culture to reflect our values. I'm so thankful to have the time to be present and interact with my children and neighbors on this level. 

Hands down my favorite volunteer opportunities each year are the staff appreciation events. It's always nice to do something special for the teachers and staff to show them how much we appreciate their dedication and hard work. I've co-chaired a few of these events and what makes them exciting to produce (also a tad stressful) is all the moving parts. 

Back to School Class Party SignUp

One of the tools we use for event management and sign-up is (the old Volunteer Spot). If you're not already using it, you're in for a treat. is a coordination platform for groups and events of all types and sizes. Here's what I love about it:

  • It's a simple one-stop sign-up from any device, 24/7, no password ever required to sign up.
  • Mobile users see screens specially formatted to fit their phones.
  • It has automated calendar sync and reminders to help busy parents keep their commitments.
  • If you are a class mom, teacher or parent-group leader, you get the help you need FAST and hassle-free (most school sign ups get filled in 24-48 hours!)
  • It eliminates clipboards, spreadsheet juggling, long chat-threads or reply-all email chains about who is bringing what or doing what when.
I've seamlessly used as both a volunteer and event chairperson including teacher & staff appreciation events.

I've seamlessly used as both a volunteer and event chairperson including teacher & staff appreciation events. has streamlined the way I plan events. I was surprised how quick and easy it is. Once you try it, you'll never go back! It eliminates so much stress, especially around peak event season like back-to-school. Oh, and is also a great resource for inspiration like Back-To-School IdeasClass Party IdeasSchool Activities and Ideas, Room Parent Ideas, and Parent Teacher Conference Ideas.

Do you volunteer at your child(ren)'s school(s)? Have you tried yet?