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Self-care is essential so that we Glamamoms have the energy we need to take care of those we love and be able to conquer our overwhelming to-do lists. Finding small things you can do at home to pamper yourself, will go a long way for both your physical and mental health.

If you don't have the time or money for the luxury of a day at the spa, you can still reap the benefits from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few tips that your mind and body will thank you for!

1. Give yourself a facial. Cleanse your face and neck with your favorite cleanser. Fill a small pot with water and heat it until it just begins to steam. Remove it from the heat, place your face over the steam but at least 10-12 inches away from the water, and cover your head with a towel to keep the steam in. Keep your face just close enough to feel the warmth. If it gets too hot, open the towel a little to let some steam out. Relax over the steam bath for 5-10 minutes to open your pores then apply a soothing face mask. Spread the mask evenly over your face and neck avoiding your eyes, mouth and nostrils. Let it dry for about 10 minutes then wash it off with warm water and follow with a moisturizer.

A mud mask is also great for your arms, legs and torso to release toxins and make your skin glow. Apply it about 15 minutes before your bath then wash it off while you soak.

2. Take a soothing bath. Run a hot bath and add some bath salts or bubble bath to soothe aching muscles. Add some oatmeal for an extra skin moisturizer. Dim the bathroom lights and light a few scented candles.

While the tub is filling, pour yourself a glass of wine or make a cup of tea, put on some relaxing music and place your towel or bathrobe near the tub. Then just soak and relax!

3. Dry brush. Your skin is your largest organ and one-third of your body’s toxins are excreted through your skin. Dry brushing helps to rid your body of toxins that become trapped in your skin and unclog your pores. As an added bonus . . . it helps reduce cellulite!

Using a natural bristle body brush, stand naked in an empty tub and begin brushing your skin in long sweeping motions. Begin with your feet and brush upward toward your heart. Always brush toward your heart as the brushing also improves circulation. Start with gentle strokes until your skin becomes used to the sensation. If you can, do this every day before your shower to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

4. Treat your hair to some pampering. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, apply a hair mask about once a week. The simplest mask for dry, damaged hair . . . coconut oil! Gently warm about a quarter cup of coconut oil until it liquefies. Then simply apply it to your hair, place a shower cap or towel over your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour. Then just shampoo as usual. Your hair will be soft, luxurious and shiny.

5. Soften your hands and feet. Combine some lotion with 5 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil, a spoonful of olive oil and a mashed banana. Gently massage the mixture on your hands and feet and relax for 15 minutes. If you have the time, slip your hands into some gloves and your feet into a pair of socks for an hour or so to allow it to deeply penetrate your skin.

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Pampering yourself with spa treatments doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, but it’s a great way to take care of your body as well as your soul. Show yourself a little self-care with one of these quick and easy spa treatments every week.