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I'm crushin' hard on this blog, Stoopin' Around, featuring snapshots of stoops, sidewalks, balconies, window ledges, rooftops, and backyards all over New York City. The site has only been in existence for a few weeks but has already attracted the attention of The New York Times and Apartment Therapy.

Having worked in commercial real estate for the past 8 years, I have an affinity for and deep appreciation of architecture and construction. The townhouse we live in, in the historic district of West Chelsea, was built in 1860 (and has endless idiosyncrasies to prove it). It was apparently an SRO at one point so I can only imagine what they'd divulge if the walls could talk. Every day I'm inspired by the charm of our neighborhood and its revitalization, and I'm always excited to see the City in a new and unique light. 

Super Stooper, come to Chelsea! I'll give you the grand tour.

What inspires you about where you live?

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