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America’s favorite giant is making his return (did you realize he was even gone?!) with quick and easy new veggie creations that will help you add nutritious vegetables to your meals without your picky eaters picking up on it! I'm talking about Green Giant Vegetables.

I don't consider my kids to be picky per se but as they've gotten older, they're much more opinionated and selective and veggies are the most challenging food group at the moment. They much prefer carb-heavy side dishes like potatoes and rice. 

We recently received a shipment of Green Giant's new line of frozen veggie "swap-ins" and I'm happy to report that according to my boys, most of the variations "don't even look like vegetables at all!"


Take the dinner I served last week after winter soccer practice that prevents us from settling down until close to 8. I grilled up sliders, cut up some fruit, and microwaved these Green Giant Cauliflower Tots in less than 10 minutes. I didn't mention the cauliflower because they look like ordinary tots, don't they? Sebastian noticed a difference in taste but still devoured them. I really like them too.


Other "sneaky" options are the Riced Veggies. Looks like rice but is 100% vegetables. The new line also includes Mashed Cauliflower that look exactly like mashed potatoes. Try the cheddar and bacon! You won't regret it!


And for those who dig a plain old recognizeable vegetables, Green Giant has a delicious line of Roasted Veggies. These Brussels Sprouts were ready in 4 minutes!


I love having the option of preparing quick and easy vegetable sides when I need to.

How do you sneak in the healthy stuff?

Consideration provided by Green Giant.