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At the close of 2010, I left my job of 7 years (and an 11-year career in finance) to focus full-time on social media marketing.

Building a new business has been a tremendous learning experience, a venture that requires more than just hard work and dedication. There are always somewhat uncontrollable variables to success like knowing the "right people" and being in the "right place at the right time." And self promotion, well, believe it or not, it doesn't come naturally to me.

There's also a lot of unpaid work and sharing of ideas in "good faith" to build rapport. Sure I may be forgoing an immediate paycheck, but I'm building my resume, a valuable benefit.

Last month, I wrote a little about a media campaign, #iheartlpc, that I conceived for the lingerie store La Petite Coquette. In my attempt to further my relationship with them, as well as my own reputation as both a media consultant and lifestyle blogger, I reached out to a producer contact of mine at The Rachael Ray Show with an idea I had for a Valentine's Day segment.

In case you're curious about my idea, here's our email correspondence dating back to December when I first contacted her about it:

Michelle Siegel Rachael Ray Show

I never heard back from her after that but I figured it was a long shot. I mean, I'm just a lowly blogger. Not one of those classy, aspirational mommies like say, Kris Jenner.

But I have to admit, I was more than a little surprised when I saw Rachael Ray's Valentine's Day segment yesterday: a mom lingerie makeover with none other than La Petite Coquette.

Don't worry, it's not what you think though. When I confronted Ms. Siegel, she explained everything:

Michelle Siegel Rachael Ray Show2

I was further reassured with a voicemail at 8:30am this morning stating, "your email never left my desk."

After being up 2 nights in a row with a croupy baby then spending Valentine's Day in bed with a fever of my own, I needed a good laugh.

It's nice to know that if things don't work out with High Line Media, I can always join the original and talented production team at The Rachael Ray Show.

Well, probably not now but you know what I mean.