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Turn Your New Year's Resolutions Into Reality

A step-by-step action plan making your goals a reality.
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Here we are, ready for a great New Year, full of ideas and goals to make it our best year yet. Does this place seem familiar? Were you saying the same thing this time last year? If so, how did you do with reaching the goals you set? If you’re like most people, those goals lasted about a week, maybe a month, then they were forgotten and you went back to your old way of life.

So how do you make this year different? How do you actually turn your New Year’s resolutions into reality? The key is to make a connection with your goal, feel a personal dedication to it. That’s not as hard as you may think.

Here are a few steps to make that connection you need so that you can make this year the year you finally make it happen:

Know your “WHY”. Why is it so important for you to reach this goal? If the answer is “just because”, you’ll never make it happen. But if your goal is to lose ten pounds so that you can have more energy and your clothes will fit better, you can connect with that goal and it will be easier to achieve.

Make it a positive goal. Instead of setting a goal of “avoid all eat junk food” try something like “eat healthier” or “save money” instead of “don’t get in any more debt”. A positive goal will make you happier when you think about it so you’re more likely to continue to connect with it.

Set benchmarks. What does “save money” mean to you? A savings account with $5,000? Paying off all your debt? Putting enough money aside for that great vacation you’ve been dreaming about? Whatever it is, make sure you have a benchmark for knowing when you’ve reached it.

Create a plan for reaching your benchmarks. For instance, if you want to save enough money for vacation by June, your plan might include setting aside a certain amount of money from each paycheck or getting a part-time job and putting all of your second income into savings. What do you need to do to reach your goal?

Reward yourself! When you have something you enjoy to look forward to, it will keep you motivated. A small reward is all you need. Reward yourself for reaching each of your benchmark goals along the way. Enjoy your favorite coffee drink or a favorite activity. Decide your rewards in advance so that you have something to work towards.

You CAN achieve your resolutions this year!! Once you get started, just keep reminding yourself of your “why” to stay motivated.

To get started . . . Write your resolutions and then answer these questions about each one: Why is it important to me? How will I feel when I reach it? How will my life change for the better when I reach it? How will the lives of my friends and loved ones change for the better when I’ve reached it? These will help you connect with your “why” so you can get motivated and get started.

Happy New Year, Glamamoms!

Samantha McGraw is a life coach, speaker and mentor to women who want to live a happier,healthier, more fulfilling life. Her mission is to encourage each person she meets to love themselves and appreciate their uniqueness so that they can be the best version of themselves that they can be, navigating their journey with purpose, joy and balance.