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There are days when I really miss the support and access of living in the city. Especially when I learn of new family resources popping up in my old 'hood! 

Courtney Cleman, a New York City based relationship expert, just co-founded and opened The V. Club on 25th Street in Chelsea. Her vision for The V. Club was to create an inviting space where women of any age could visit to learn more about love, relationships, and wellness in a comfortable, judgment-free environment, and make connections (mom squad!) along the way. Just look at this gorgeous space!

The V. Club, New York

The V. Club, New York

In addition to offering its own classes, The V. Club will partner with like-minded, female-centric brands to also offer classes on a wide range of topics including baby sleep, birth hypnosis, and more. 

The V. Club's "mothership" effort is lead by OBGYN expert Alexandria Ross who has over ten years of experience supporting women through pre- and postnatal care and childbirth, including running a lactation clinic. She will be running a Mothership Masterclass and a V-Mommy Clinic, where women can get answers to all their questions and bond with other mothers going through similar experiences.

The V. Club Promo Image Classroom

This concept is so exciting. The space is gorgeous and being able to visit with different specialists in one central location is convenient and accessible. I wish something like The V Club was around for me when I became a new mom!

Classes begin in two days. To learn more about The V. Club and its classes, visit