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The most wonderful time of year is also the most calorie-filled.

Abe & Arthur's

And apparently, educational...

Friday night, my best high school buds and I met at Abe & Arthur's for our annual holiday dinner. It was quite the scene, complete with the boys of Gossip Girl gettin' slizzard.

The love I feel for these peeps is deep (my friends, not Chase Crawford et al.) The history is long, the ups and downs plentiful. I've never laughed so hard or felt more myself than in their presence. It's hard to front with people who knew you before you had a driver's license.

Our dinners are comprised mainly of the re-telling of old stories, making fun of people, and using the "F" word flanked by "go" and "ya motha."

Anyway, someone brought up the holiday photo outtakes of Biggie and Mapu so I again recounted how hard it was to get "the money shot."

All of a sudden, heads whipped around, mouths flew open, and all 4 sets of eyes were glaring at me. Squinting. Confused. Searching for recognition.

I just stared back. Squinting. Confused. Searching for understanding.

"Wha?" I murmured.

I was then informed exactly what "the money shot" refers to.

OH MY F'ING GAWD. I used that phrase in the same post as my son!

Hilarity ensued.

I won't describe how it was explained to me but these are Long Islanders so use your imagination. Or rather, don't and forget I ever mentioned it.

Infer what you will about me but I really didn't know.

But now I do.

Thank you, dear friends.

Strip House

Saturday night we celebrated my baby bro's 30th birthday at Strip House. He was born the night John Lennon passed.

One flame extinguished, another ignited.

Baby Bro

Wishing you many more years of health and happiness, Jeff.