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That repugnant Katy Perry song, California Gurls, got me thinking that those very gurls, with their Daisy Dukes and UGG boots (I just vomited in my mouth), have almost ruined shorts for us classy, East Coast broads. Again this season, shorts are hot, hot, hot and I’m here to reclaim them.

Shorts are great because they keep you cool in warm weather and less fabric means they’re generally less expensive than pants, jeans, and skirts. There are no age or weight limitations for successfully pulling them off; however, there are a few tips for achieving your desired look.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the office, or out for cocktails, it’s important to assess what you want your outfit to project about you. As with all clothing, shorts aren’t one size fits all, thus, fabric, color, fit, and proportion always need to be considered.

Want to look your best in a pair? Here’s the short of it:

1. Get your gams glowing. Be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly (once or twice a week will do) and apply a self-tanner, preferably with a little shimmer and sun protection. I used Bronzy Babe for my appearance on The View and it accented my airbrush tan perfectly.

2. Know your size. Shorts are not like a pair of skinny jeans or spandex, athletic wear. Since you’re already showing off a lot of skin, be sure that they zip up with ease and are comfortable to sit in. Never, should your underwear line be visible or anything else for that matter. 

3.Shorts have traditionally been a no-no in the workplace but have become more acceptable in recent years, as many firms have adopted a business casual dress code. For women, this means greater flexibility but you know your office best. Unless you work in the fashion industry, the office is not the place to make a fashion statement; however, if you work in a more casual environment, try a Bermuda short in a dark, neutral color (e.g. black, gray, navy, or brown) and pair them with a collared dress shirt, ruffled or printed blouse, or blazer to counter their inherent casualness.

While white and khaki tend to be the most popular colors for shorts, they're generally too casual for the office. Save them for weekends or the beach.

4. Choose quality fabrics made from all or mostly natural fibers and structured, tailored looks as opposed to worn and relaxed. Denim and linen are for more casual appearances and most definitely unsuitable for the office.

5. Manage the proportions of your outfit and be mindful of the length of your top in relation to the length of your bottom. With a short-short, I like to wear a top that falls below my hips. For a more polished look, try a tucked-in camisole underneath a cardigan or blazer that measures to the bottom of the shorts. 

If you prefer mid-length or Bermuda shorts, avoid a long or un-tucked shirt on top (drecktitude!). Try pairing them with a top that falls around the hip region or keep it tucked in.

6. No outfit is complete without great accessories. Ballet flats, peep-toes, platforms, wedges, and espadrilles go great with a pair of shorts. Leave the flip flops for the beach and the UGGs for, IDK, hibernation? It’s also nice to see shorts contrasted with a nice leather bag or belt, a summer scarf, or some statement jewelry. I’m loving the boutique-style jewelry from Stella & Dot. They carry beautiful, bold pieces and most of their line is under $50. Can't beat that!

It’s not too late to snag a pair of shorts but hurry, retailers are already rolling out their fall merchandise. Here are my favorites:

Image placeholder title

From top left, clockwise:
Theory, Bennie Shorts- $160
Banana Republic, Bermuda Short- $49.50
BCBG, Micro Sateen Short- $118
Tory Burch, Ralston Short- $75
Gap, Linen Cargo Bermuda Short- $34.50
Milly, Cotton Cuffed Short- $195
Piazza Sempione, Bermuda Shorts- $595 (I know, I know! They're just for inspiration.)

I have 40% off one full-priced item in-store only coupons for every Wednesday in July at Banana Republic. Leave a comment or contact me at if you'd like one.