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Or you think my blog is pretty, which is even better (it's all the pictures of meat, right?)

Thank you Shelli from Style Ingenuity and Classy Career Girl, two great blogs that I read regularly, for bestowing Glamamom with this honor!

As part of my acceptance, I must divulge 5 secrets about Glamamom.

Hmm, secrets? That's tough. If I were the secretive type, I probably wouldn't be blabbing all over this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And my real secrets, well, they would land me in jail or something so you're never getting those.

I guess these are decently (gasp)-worthy:
(1) I never consciously read a blog before starting Glamamom.
(2) Occasionally, I'll vote for Glamamom as a Top Mommy Blog. Okay, every day, if I remember.
(3) Another NYC mommy blogger has snubbed me a few times so I'm plotting revenge.
(4) I wanted to submit to the Project Mom Casting but totally pussied out and couldn't get my act together.
(5) I started writing Glamamom because I wanted a platform to begin discussions like the Hot Topics segment on The View but rarely have the time to write as meaningfully as I want.

I'm not getting any more awards, am I?

Oh, and I pass the crown to these fabulous and inspirational blogs:
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