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ATTACHED by Magmanus

Attached-51 Alex Hinchcliffe

Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, the critically-acclaimed ATTACHED by Magmanus is coming to NYC September 25th and 26th at NYU Skirball Center. 4

In the critically-acclaimed, exciting new creation, circus, theater, and interactive elements are combined as contemporary circus performers Magnus Bjøru and Manu Tiger take their audience on a thrilling journey.

Surrounded by stadium lighting with various contraptions dotting the stage, the performers’ Velcro-suited bodies make contact and are cleaved apart with the recognizable rip, providing an unexpected delight. As the performers’ interactions escalate, the idea of attachment is explored in its many forms. Ultimately, everything and everyone—including the audience—is attached!

Looks like fun for all ages!

Attached-11 Alex Hinchcliffe
Attached-41Alex Hinchcliffe
Attached-21 Alex Hinchcliffe

September 25th and 26th at 8pm at NYU Skirball Center. For tickets, visit