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Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood

This guy lives 3 doors down.


His name is Wallace Shawn.

I just looked it up.

Every time I see him, I want to say something because the truth is, I love his work. The Princess Bride? Clueless? Gossip Girl?


Debbie Harry lives across the street.

My cousin and I bumped into her one night while walking Mapu. She has two Japanese Spaniels so we got to talking. Strangely, my cuz had no idea who she was nor what she sang (I know, right?!). So I started singing a bunch of her songs, including the more recent, Maria.

Later that evening, I was reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, and a line on like page two hundred thirty ? read something like, He walked over to the cd player sitting on the shelf and put on Debbie Harry's "Maria."

True story.

Remember when I bumped into Nate Berkus last month at dinner?

He lives in a fabulous new development by Jean Nouvel called 100 Eleventh that overlooks Chelsea Piers and the High Line.

I hope to bump into him again so I can beg him to come "help me finish decorating my apartment."

Further proof that everything in the universe is intertwined, a few weeks ago I was catching up on Design Star then saw Genevieve Gorder and her family the following day.

I've seen her in the 'hood a couple of times before but turns out we live back to back. We also share a birthday.

I have yet to try and stalk one of my famous neighbors or sell a photo of them to the tabloids but with the widespread hysteria surrounding celebrities these days, maybe I should consider moonlighting as a Paparazza.

The best part, is that it always makes for a good story when I've just rolled out of bed and run out to grab a coffee (sans brushing my teeth or putting on contacts) and bump into Ethan Hawke or Mario Cantone. I know Mario could give a city rat's ass what I look like but I'm not-so-secretly hoping that maybe one day we'll have a Charlotte/Anthony Marentino relationship.

Which celebrity do you wish lived in your neighborhood?

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