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DropCar: The Safe & Stylish Way to Travel with Kids in NYC


There really is an app for everything. Forget about parking, searching for a garage, circling the block, or worrying about a meter. DropCar is a new valet service that comes to you.

As garages disappear and gas stations are demolished to make way for more development, DropCar has emerged as a one-stop solution for car owners and renters to deal with their vehicles in New York City. The DropCar app, a full-service “Vehicle Support Platform” for car owners, allows users to have their cars picked-up or delivered (complete with mints and air freshener), parked and/or maintained as desired, at the press of a button. DropCar utilizes its mobile app technology and well-trained valets to alleviate the burdens associated with owning a car in a crowded city.

We all know that taking the subway with children is stressful and cab rides often leave you on edge. With DropCar's two services: “Steve” - a monthly membership that replaces the traditional garage and “Will” - on demand valet service/personal chauffeur for $15/hr, you can ensure that your children are safe when traveling in Manhattan. Each driver hired undergoes a rigorous training program to ensure valet/chauffeur efficiency and safe practice as well as utilizing Zendrive technology, which uses sensors on a smartphone to measure and improve driving behavior.

Examples of WILL service: Driving into NYC to see Hamilton and don’t want to circle the block looking for a garage, a valet meets you at the front door of the theater, takes your car and brings it back when you’re ready - all for $15 per hour. The whole family going to a Knicks game, driving in for dinner, the same applies! Need to go to the airport and want your kids to ride in car seats, a driver will take you to the airport in your car and return it to the garage.

Once you download the app, set-up is quick and easy.

Ready to try it? Use DropCar promo code rq44rf for $20 in parking credit!