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Beauty Buzz | Gotham Glow New York

Professional airbrush tanning in New York City with Gotham Glow's Tamar Vezerian.

I may or may not be showing some skin on The ViewFridaybut I can guarantee that I won't be wearing all white. After reviewing photos from the fitting, I swiftly made a morning appointment for my first ever airbrush tan (I know, I know, I'm perpetually late to the party). I figured a morning session would give me enough time for the requisite 8 hours of drying before I had to bathe Big Bub. Regrettably, the spa called me this morning, an hour before my appointment, to notify me that the technician was ill and not coming in today. Selfish, bitch. So I did what any desperate, pasty, white girl with too much Irish and German in her does, I googled "spray tanning nyc" and started combing the Yelp reviews.

Luckily, I found Gotham Glow. It's in the gayborhood (Tamar, I'm forever grateful for this term) and the reviews seemed authentic so I called to beg for an appointment, which I did in a message that I imagine sounded something like, please....t.v....!! And because there obviously is a god of spray tanning, owner Tamar Vezirian immediately called me back and graciously fit me into her afternoon schedule.

When I arrived at the address she texted me, I was confused to find that it was an ordinary apartment building. For some reason I was under the impression that I was going to one of those Hollywood Tans-type joints (that reason, I later discovered, is that I didn't read Gotham's website thoroughly). My female intuition went into overdrive and I texted Glamadad the address, informing him that I was in a "shady situation"and that if I didn't contact him again in the next 10 minutes that he was to, "send in the troops."

Tamar greeted me at the door. Turns out she does the airbrushing at her home but typically travels to the clients'. Oh. Since I was a newbie she ran through the basics and then I got naked. Yeah, just like that. Naked, in a foreign place, with a stranger pointing a gun at me:

Tamar Vezirian, Gotham Glow

It could have been terrifying or at a minimum, awkward. But fortunately, not only is Tamar an 8-year airbrushing veteran and 15-year make-up artist, she's a stand-up comedian. How fucking great is that? Standing around naked while someone makes you laugh is Top 3 for me, hands down. We also had a few random connections: Tamar grew up in of my closest friends is Samar and is Lebanese, Tamar was also at the DVF sample sale on Monday, Tamar writes a blog too, Tamar knows one of my favorite mommy-bloggers (DivaMomNYC), Tamar's company's logo has a design detail that I seriously considered for Glamamom, Tamar's hilarious...and I'm...okay so that's where the parallel ends.

Seriously though, I'm thrilled with the results. I look and feel a million times better. Tamar formulates her own airbrush solution so it appears super natural. If you go to her, it's $65/visit but she'll travel anywhere in Manhattan ($100/visit). She also travels to Brooklyn and Queens but it's more expensive. Mention Glamamom and Tamar will hook you up and make sure you're naked and happy too.

Only one session and I'm already addicted (airbrushing is the new donut!). Just the price of being a Glamamom, I guess.