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Walking the streets of New York City, you get caught up in a lot of commotion, whether you want to or not.

It's typical of New Yorkers to feign indifference towards distractions like excessive displays of affection, nudity, celebrity sightings, street performers, evangelists, taxidents (taxi accidents), knock-off handbag and Pashmina stands, fortune tellers, Falun Gong activists, ginormous cockroaches, Greenpeace, comedy club, and hair salon solicitors, the guy running towards the bus yelling for you to hold the door, etc.

After all, we live here and have places to go, dammit.

If I stopped to rubberneck every time I saw a Jew for Jesus, I swear I wouldn't make it one single avenue.

But the other day, I couldn't help but admire this happy fella dancingprancingfloating jogging alongside Big Bub and I.

We strolled over 10 blocks before it occurred to me that my Blackberry has a video camera to preserve the memory for posterity a rainy day.

Notice no one else is paying any attention!

What's the funniest/craziest thing you've encountered on the streets of NY?