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Last week I got a glimpse inside Google's NYC headquarters in Chelsea, thanks to a lovely friend who happens to be a Googler.

Let me start by saying, from an outsider's perspective, it was all that and then some, tall dark and handsome.

I saw the preferred mode of transportation in action--scooters, indulged in raw, vegan, and organic options for lunch in the FREE dining hall, felt a pang of competitiveness when I passed a ping pong tourney going on in the game room, let my imagination run wild in the Lego room, and couldn't help but grab a snack every time I passed one of the fully stocked pantries. I didn't get a $5, 20-minute massage, but only because I couldn't find the masseuse. Instead, I relaxed in one of the high-tech nap pods (only for a photo opp though, Bubba had me on a short leash):

Google NYC Nap Pod

Too bad I couldn't find where they hide the secrets to Google PageRank.

With great health and dental care benefits, a gym, laundry, and extended maternity leave (something like 5 months?), it's no wonder that Google has above average employee retention rates and is ruling the world.

If High Line ever expands and springs for office space, I would love to facilitate a similar culture of work hard play hard, except with chandeliers and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

I'm linking up with a belle, a bean & a chicago dog's iPhone Photo Phun.

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{I was not compensated for this post, other than the complimentary food and snacks afforded to me as a visitor ;) }