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5 New Online Resources for Luxury Travel Bookings

From private suites and vacation rentals to chartered boats and private jets, here are five new websites to use for luxury travel bookings.
Online Resources for Luxury Travel Accommodations

Maybe your job requires you to entertain, or you just want to sprinkle a little luxury on your next special event or getaway. There's a fabulous new fleet of online resources that make high-end accommodations and services accessible at a fraction of the cost with no long-term commitment. From private suites and vacation rentals to chartered boats and private jets, you can peruse the options and book for a single day or event. Here are five new websites to consult for luxury travel bookings:

1. Private Suites:SuiteHop provides an easy way for you to enjoy a private suite experience at sports and entertainment venues across the country. SuiteHop’s site allows you to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites for a single event with real-time availability and pricing, providing access to premium, highly-selective suites without being tied down to year-long contracts.

2. Chartered Jets:Flexjet presents the freedom of private jet travel without the commitment of ownership. The company’s on-demand charter brokerage services enable you to experience modern chartered plane travel at its finest while paying on a flight-by-flight basis. Trips are personally tailored to fit your private travel needs and are complete with a specially trained on-board crew.

3. Dream Cars:Gotham Dream Cars offers "ultra-exotic" and luxury car rentals from the most exclusive manufacturers in the world. From Bentleys to Lamborghinis, cars can be rented for a day, week or more for a night out on the town, to impress a client or to treat a friend. Starting at $395, Gotham Dream Cars has locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami but cars can be shipped too!

4. Boat Rentals: Cruzin gives you access to hundreds of sailboats and powerboats across the country. As America’s first fully-insured boater-to-boater rental and charter platform, it offers a boat for everyone from sailing, fishing, skiing, and boarding. The rentals range in length from a single day outing to a multi-day event.

5. Vacation Homes:Luxury Retreats offers over 2,000 villas in more than 50 destinations worldwide that have been hand-picked and personally inspected by travel enthusiasts and professionals. The rental service offers complimentary concierge services and worldwide guest support without charging any membership fees.

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