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Preferred Hotel Group Launches New Family Travel Website

"GTsxdf">Vacations should be about relaxing with those you care about most.

Preferred Family Bear

At an intimate lunch last week at Trump International Hotel and Tower, hosted by Preferred Hotel Group President Lindsey Ueberroth, I learned about a fabulous new family travel resource designed to help us do just that--

Preferred Hotel Group, a family-owned company that provides sales, marketing, and distribution services to independent hotels and resorts around the world, is raising the bar on family travel with the launch of this new family travel site and a unique certification program that qualifies hotels based on age group, activities, and amenities.

With nearly 250 participating luxury hotels located all over the world, Preferred Family hotels and resorts welcome families with special amenities and activities, catering to the unique needs of travelers of all ages.

For the little ones, this means everything from gear like cribs and highchairs, to safety features like outlet covers, and little personal touches that can make all the difference when being away from home. If you've ever traveled with kids, you know how hugely valuable it is to know what to expect and stay in a hotel that can accommodate your special needs.

"GTsxdf">A key feature of the new website is the ability to quickly search and filter locations by age, activities, amenities, interests, and style. If you book a stay through the site, you're automatically flagged as a Preferred Family member and enjoy all the family-friendly benefits you'll need for your designated age groups.

Preferred Family Website

This eliminates the need to go to several different sites to compare pricing. The deals you see on Preferred Family are consistent with the hotel brands' websites and elsewhere.

Preferred Family isn't just about booking the trip either. It's also a valuable resource for travel information at your destination. An interactive feature called, "Three Days in..." allows families to plan ahead and organize daily itineraries including fresh local activities and places to eat, and has the top 10 things to know while in the destination. No one wants to plan an emergency room visit but it's huge that Preferred Family has already compiled this information in case you need it.

I've been perusing the site since last week and losing myself in the exciting possibilities. Knowing that all the hotels are independently screened and certified as luxury and family-friendly eliminates a ton of the stress I normally associate with family travel planning.

For more information about the collection of hotels and resorts in Preferred Family, its age-specific certification program, and new online family travel planning tools, check out "GTsxdf" target="_blank">