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We spent the holiday on Long Island basking in the warmth of our loved ones and indulging in long-standing family traditions such as caroling, trivia competitions, and pigging out. It was cold but sunny, picture perfect for a celebration by the bay.

The Great South Bay, Long Island

We're fortunate to have made it back into Manhattan but we're not quite back to reality.

Overnight, the city was transformed into a rare blend of calm and quiet, covered in a blanket of dreamy white powder courtesy of Christmas Blizzard 2010.

Fitzroy Townhouses New York

As suddenly as Christmas came and went, the snow's fluffiness will turn to slush and my least favorite of all winter sports, puddle-jumping, will begin.

We're scheduled to leave for Chicago Wednesday afternoon to visit with the abuelos. Fingers crossed we make it.

How was your holiday? Were you affected by inclement weather?