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A Whole New World | Aladdin on Broadway

Aladdin the Musical on Broadway!

Sebastian and I spent some alone time in the city last week as guests of Tieks at Aladdin on Broadway. I was 7 years old when I saw my first musical (Singin' in the Rain) and was a tad skeptical about Sebastian's ability to sit through the entire performance at the age of 5 but Aladdin is so high-energy from the singing and dancing to the bright colors and technical aspects that he was engaged the entire time.

Aladdin is a love story but it's also a tribute to friendship and reaching one's potential, a great story line for any age especially young boys. When I asked Sebastian after the show who his favorite character is, I thought for sure he would say the hilarious and energetic Genie but it turns out it's a Aladdin himself that won him over. Must have been the sword or soaring above the stage on a magic carpet ride with Jasmine.

I enjoyed the show too. Mostly because I was watching it through Sebastian's eyes though. I'm not a "Disney without kids" person so Aladdin isn't a date night recommendation for me but it's certainly great family fun with kids 5+ (recommended age from the show is 6 years old).

A huge thank you to Aladdin the Musical and Tieks for introducing Sebastian to this whole new world! I hope he enjoys going to the theater as much as I do. Maybe it'll be our thing.


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