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10 Must-Have Undergarments

Since I've been working with, I learned I was wearing the wrong bra size, got a pretty new bra and panties set, and now have a checklist of the top undergarments every woman should have in her wardrobe.

From sensible to sensuous and steamy, the right undergarment can make or break an outfit (and do wonders for your private life, ahem). Here's founder Beverly Russina's top 10 list and specific recommendations:

(1) Push-Up Bra: All women need a cleavage-boosting bra – especially those with a smaller-sized chest. Recommendation: Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lace Mystique Push-Up Bra ($44) is sexy, yet comfortable and works great under any piece of clothing.

(2) Strapless Bra: A nude and/or black strapless bra is essential. If you have a last minute event or dinner to attend, a strapless bra will make you look sophisticated and sexy. No woman should have the “bra-strap-hanging-out” look.

(3) Underwire Bra: Underwire bras are comfortable, make the bust look better and provide more lift and support. They are a great for when you want more control over the way your bust looks under certain items of clothing.

(4) All-Lace Bra: The date-night bra! An all-lace bra is ultra-sexy and will make you feel more confident. Not to mention the possibility that it will be seen. Recommendation: Le Mystere Isabella All Over Lace Bra ($82).

(5) Boyshorts: Designed for extra coverage and comfort, boyshorts are perfect for lounging around in the house or when it’s that time of month. Recommendation: JM Natura ($15-$20) is a classic, clean, durable and extremely comfortable boyshort brand.

(6) Thong: Not only are thongs the epitome of sexy but they’re essential for avoiding panty lines. Recommendation: Elle Macpherson’s Dentelle Thong ($24) is sexy, yet functional and a necessity in every woman’s underwear wardrobe.

(7) Nude Panties: Nude or flesh-toned underwear is critical to avoid potential embarrassing underwear moments. Nudes work well under an anything – especially light-colored clothing, as they blend in with your skin.

(8) Slip: Time and time again, ladies in skirts and dresses don't wear a slip, when in fact it’s necessary. Slips keep skirts and dresses from clinging to your legs and smooth lines where necessary. Recommendation: Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Solutions V-Neck Slip ($48) is a comfortable solution made from smooth, lightweight stretch nylon fabric for a clean, modest look under dresses or skirts.

(9) Shapewear: Every woman can benefit from shapewear, regardless of figure type. Anytime you wear fitted clothes, you can use shapewear. Shapewear gets rid of bra bulge, underwear lines, muffin tops and more.

(10) Fashion Tape: Not a traditional item on an undergarment checklist but it's must-have for tackling every possible wardrobe malfunction. It can do everything: hide bra straps, secure revealing necklines, hold up strapless tops, eliminate blouse gaps, and fix hems fast. Recommendation: Hollywood Fashion Tape ($7) from the Keep Your Clothes On collection is a clear apparel and body tape that has a specially formulated, hypo-allergenic adhesive which is gentle on skin and leaves no residue on fabrics.

{I'm participating in a sponsored campaign called Project #BraHappy with 123underwear. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}