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3 Winter Fashion Musts

When the weather turns cold, these three fashion staples should be in every woman's wardrobe.
winter fashion musts

Winter hit hard in New York last week. The temperature dropped dramatically from fall and spring like to below freezing. Suddenly my go-to fashion was not going to cut it anymore. To say I was less than thrilled about this is an understatement.

I always have trouble getting into a winter fashion groove. While I love layering and chunky knits, I’m a barefoot summertime girl at heart and the winter months are always the toughest for me. Looking out at grey skies and bare trees makes it so much harder to want to do anything other than wrap myself in my favorite hoodie from college. But Glamamom that is not.

For inspiration, I hit Pinterest to see some of my favorite winter musts in action: cozy hats, big scarves, and chunky sweaters.

JENNIFER GARRY is a writer and the mom of two girls who talk as much and laugh as loud as she does (just ask her husband). She writes about motherhood with humor and brutal honesty on her personal blog, Cuddles and Chaos. Read all of Jennifer's posts.