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Always One of a Kind {Sponsored}

Diet Dr Pepper's One of a Kind campaign got me thinking about fashion and style and what it is about my own style that makes it unique.

Style for me isn't just about the clothes on your back. It's your attitude and the energy that surrounds you. It's your confidence and the way you treat people. It's how you handle yourself under pressure and move forward when things don't go your way.

Fashion is just another reflection of style-- an overt and physical representation. Whether intentional or not, what you wear says something about you. Making the effort to look put together has always given me an extra boost of confidence, regardless of how I'm feeling on the inside. Often just getting made up can change my mood altogether, which as a mom, is more important now than ever. Did you see me during Fashion Week? A simple blowout had me grinning from ear to ear!

Over the past 4 years, I've been pregnant, then post postpartum and nursing, twice. I've weighed as little as 120 pounds and as much 180 pounds. Fashion has therefore not only played a practical role in my life but an emotional one as well.

From Pregnancy to Postpartum

I'm not a rules kind of gal by any means but there are elements of my style as an urban mom that make it uniquely mine:

(1) I generally wear a mix of high end and low end pieces. High end for timeless silhouettes that will be in heavy rotation like blazers, trousers, and overcoats mixed with trendier stuff. (2) I know which parts of my body to accentuate and those to hide. My wardrobe is heavy on blazers, jackets, and blouses that cover my mid-section where I carry extra weight. (3) I dress my age. Again, I'm not following a specific set of rules or preaching but at 35, I'm just more comfortable with a sleeve of some sort and being sexy in less obvious ways. (4) I'm a huge fan of prints. They're fun, flattering, and a wearable works of art. (5) I have the two cutest, one-of-a-kind accessories!

Diet Dr. Pepper is launching a new sweepstakes on March 4th. Be sure to check back for deets on how you can enter to win one of thirty amazing one–of-a-kind prizes!

Diet Dr. Pepper Logo

With delicious one of a kind taste and zero calories, Diet Dr Pepper is as unique as you are. We know it's a long road to get to who we're meant to be. Along the way, we make choices, we make mistakes, we get up, and we keep going. And like an amazing work of art, we become one of a kind. At Dr Pepper, we celebrate all that makes us an original, from your unique style to adventurous spirit. To check out more one of a kind stories, watch our films at

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Diet Dr Pepper via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Diet Dr Pepper.}