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10 Cute Bathing Suits You Can Chase Your Kids In

Ten best swimsuits for moms: cute bathing suits you can chase your kids in comfortably while still looking stylish.
10 Cute Suits You Can Chase Your Kids In

Jennifer Garry is a writer and the mom of two girls who talk as much and laugh as loud as she does (just ask her much quieter husband). She writes about that ever-elusive struggle for balance on her personal blog, Cuddles and Chaos.

With the school year coming to a close, I have one goal in mind for this summer: to survive without any major wardrobe malfunctions. Any momma of young children knows exactly what I’m talking about. I can barely get through the grocery store without my preschooler somehow managing to tug my shirt down to decidedly unladylike levels.

The thought of the pool or the beach makes me shudder. So many strings and so little fabric. So many body parts so close to exposure. So much bending and kneeling and chasing. So. many. waves.

At the same time, I want to have fun with my kids and not be tugging at my suit and sweating (even more) because of worry. The solution? A bathing suit with support and coverage in all the right places. And, contrary to what many people think, that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. These ten best swimsuits for moms will make you feel like a hot mom… while keeping you rated PG.

Albion Surf’s Up Bikini

Albion Surf's Up bikini
Athleta Stripe Avila one piece

Athleta Stripe Avila One-piece

Lands' End AquaSport scoopneck one piece bathing suit

Lands' End AquaSport Scoop Neck One-piece Bathing Suit

Garnet Hill ruched swim dress

Garnet Hill Ruched Swim Dress

J Crew metallic colorblock one piece bathing suit

J.Crew Metallic Color Block One-piece Bathing Suit

ModCloth You're in Luxe! bikini

ModCloth You're in Luxe! Bikini

Albion Garden Isle One-Eiece Swimsuit

Albion Garden Isle one piece swimsuit

Jessica Simpson Seashells Bandeau Swim Dress

Jessica Simpson Seashells bandeau swim dress

La Blanca Lace-up Back One-piece Swimsuit

La Blanca laceup back one piece swimsuit
ASOS fuller bust pastel palm print contrast high waisted bikini

ASOS Fuller Bust Pastel Palm-Print Contrast High-waisted Bikini

Looking for more options? I’ve got more swimsuits for a variety of body types—and a firm and friendly kick in the butt for anyone considering staying on the sidelines in a cover up all summer.