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Black & Brown

What I wore and Lincoln Center shenanigans.
DV Dolce Vita Kenzie Booties
Jill Seiman
Stylish Mamas

With perpertually cold and snowy weather, illness, and general disinterest (if I'm being honest), I hadn't planned on too many fashion week events. But when Kristin and Megan from BonBon Rose Girls and Carly from Thirty Something Fashion are in town, all bets are off. We met up with Nicole from Momtrends to warm up over some gossip, guac, and margaritas then hit Lincoln Center for pictures. It was dark and it was cold but it was FUN.

My theme in these conditions is warmth and comfort, hence the turtleneck and flats. I don't regret a thing. Except maybe that Cadillac burger at PJ Clarke's a mere 3 hours after finishing lunch.

Stay warm and have a glamorous week!