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Last week I joined friends Adam Cohen and Audrey McClelland on a "Parents as Brands" panel at Jeff Pulver's#BrandsConf at the 92nd Street Y.

Jeff's #140conf events provide a platform for the worldwide Twitter community to connect. Keeping in line with Twitter's limited number of characters, all talks/panels are 20 minutes or less, providing an array of succinct and engaging perspectives.

I'm really grateful to Adam and Jeff for inviting me to participate. It was such a warm and relaxing atmosphere. I felt so comfortable chatting with Adam and Audrey, it was almost as if we were sitting in someone's living room. If you'd like to see our discussion, or any of the other speakers from the day, you can check out video recordings of the conference here. Our discussion is in Part I around 39:00 minutes.

But who cares what I have to say about marketing and branding. The real question is, what did I wear? Can you believe no one in the audience asked? Pfft.

Jill Seiman

[dress (similar) & tights: gap / shoes: zara / bag: chloe / trench: uniqlo (similar) / flower pin: coach / watch: michael kors / bracelet: tiffany / sunnies: c/o foster grant]

For professional events or if I'm going to be on camera, I keep make-up and accessories to a minimum and typically shy away from costume jewelry. I think it distracts from what you're saying and if you're not being interviewed or evaluated for a position that involves style, I don't think it's the time to make a fashion statement. I interviewed professional stylist Ben Wolff for Mom Corps NYC early this year and he had similar advice.

A quick word on tights...I'm obsessed. I went into Gap recently and grabbed an armful. They're so inexpensive but such a great way to change up an outfit. My favorite is a burgundy pair that surprisingly go with everything.

We're leaving for a family holiday in Argentina on Friday so I have a crazy week ahead of me trying to get everything in order before Sebastian tortures us for 10 days straight we leave. Any exciting plans?

Have a glamorous week!