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Beautifall with CAbi

#OOTD with CAbi's Best in Show Jacket
CAbi Best in Show Jacket_png
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Best in Show Jacket_png

I've been a bad, bad blogger. I know.

These past two months have been the most intense in recent memory with both my children starting new schools and having birthdays (and parties), Cousin Kat tying the knot, and several volunteer events converging at the same time. It's been a blast; I'm not complaining one bit but thankfully things are slowing down and we're settling into our new routines. I'm not sure getting Sebastian out the door and onto the bus at 8 a.m. will ever be easy but I'm hoping there will be less screaming (me) and crying (me) involved.

I've had to pull together so many different outfits for this and that but I'm generally running late and am such a talker (and drinker), that taking photos rarely ever occurs to me, even after blogging all these years. I have very little to show for my efforts these past few weeks, save for a few Insta pics, but I felt great and am succeeding in meeting new people and assimilating into my new little town.

Fall is the season I look forward to most each year and the blazer has always been my favorite go-to piece of clothing. I sit on the boards of both my children's schools and have plenty of "business casual" meetings to dress up for. A blazer/jacket always fits the bill and works for most occasions. This "Best in Show" jacket from CAbi is an instant classic. It's serious but still fun, like most of CAbi's pieces.

Hopefully Glamamom will now be back to its regularly scheduled programming. I have some fun baby gear reviews coming up and 25 Beauty Products You Should Try This Fall.

Have a glamorous week!