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The Cutest Valentine's EVER!

Creative, personalized, and nut-free edible DIY Valentine's from Eleni's.

Eleni's fabulous bakery in Chelsea Market sells "Color Me!" cookie kits via its online store and sent Sebastian a Color Me! Hearts set to create Valentine's for his classmates this year.

The kit comes with 18 hand-iced sugar cookies (nut-free), 5 edible ink markers, 18 cellophane bags, and 18 white ribbons, in a pretty reusable tin.

If enthusiasm counts, Sebastian scores the highest marks. His designs aren't very appetizing at this age (I'm not being harsh, trust me) so he decorated a few cookies and I wrote simple wishes on the rest. I think the kits are ideal for ages 7+ if you plan to gift the cookies, otherwise, they're a blast for any age. They taste great too!

I'm so impressed by the creative, personalized, and edible aspect (plus nut-free, which is a must in most schools these days). A definite Glamamom favorite!

Eleni's Color Me Hearts Cookies