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Gifts for Glam Goddesses

gifts for glam goddesses

We all have that one friend who just seems flawless. Her hair and makeup are always to die for. She never seems to have snot or the remnants of someone’s meal encrusted on her pants. Her kids look like they glided right out of a Crew Cuts catalog. You want to hate her, but you just can’t because she also happens to be really, really sweet.

Now, I’m sure if we nudged a little deeper into this glam goddess’s world, we’d find some wrinkles and maybe a crumb or two, but on the surface this girl seems to embody everything you’re not. And, to be honest, it’s a whole lot of fun to shop for her and insert yourself into a golden, glitzy lifestyle, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

So, without further ado, here are some perfect gift ideas for your most glamorous friend—or a girl who loves a good dose of sparkle.

gifts for glam goddesses magical thinking tower glass box

magical thinking tower glass box

gifts for glam goddesses magic ring cone

magic ring cone

gifts for glam goddesses magical thinking crescent hanging planter

magical thinking crescent hanging planter

gifts for glam goddesses gold leaf cocktail glasses

gold leaf cocktail glasses

gifts for glam goddesses mercury moonglow candle

mercury moonglow candle

gifts for glam goddesses jeweled bottle stopper

jeweled bottle stopper

gifts for glam goddesses Nate Berkus elephant tray

Nate Berkus elephant tray

gifts for glam goddesses peony rose and vanilla soap

peony rose and vanilla soap

gifts for glam goddesses Aurora stripe mug

Aurora stripe mug

gifts for glam goddesses Kate Spade planner

Kate Spade planner

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