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Give the #WriteGift: CROSS Pens

Make a long story short with an engraved CROSS Pen.

CROSS Pens have always been a beautiful gift option for recognizing achievements and special moments. I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate a fine writing instrument. Especially if they have kids! Because I swear, kids steal and hoard ALL of your supplies, including your pens! PS: Leo loved the Marvel SuperPen the kids gave him for Father's Day this past year.

Cross WriteGift.jpg

This holiday season, CROSS is encouraging its clients to make a long story short with an engraved CROSS Pen. We had one made for the boys' grandfather, Abu. The long story is Merry Christmas, Abu. We appreciate you and all that you do! The long story short is a simple inscription, "Dr. Alejandro Mayer." Abu is a scientist and always carries a pen and a notebook with him. The pen encouraged me to get a complimentary monogrammed pocket datebook, too. Men can be tough to buy for, especially fathers-in-law but I'm feeling pretty confident this year again, thanks to CROSS! A luxury gift that's also practical is hard to find.

WriteGift Cross Engraved Pen.jpg

CROSS continues to be the #WriteGift for recognizing the deserving moments in anyone's life. Who is deserving in your life?  

Thanks to CROSS Pens for partnering with me for this post!