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Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls and Carly of Thirty Something Fashion and I shopped's designer-brand sunglasses using its groundbreaking virtual try-on app and here are the styles we chose!


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Three Stylish Mamas

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It's been a while but we're back with another Three Stylish Mamas feature! Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls and Carly of Thirty Something Fashion and I shopped designer-brand sunglasses using the groundbreaking virtual try on app.

I was really excited to try this app. It's certainly not the typical eyewear shopping experience but given that you can shop from the comfort of your own, or even on the go, I figured it would be perfect for busy moms.

The instructions are fairly simple. The app asks you to look in a mirror and position the camera on your phone or iPad a few different ways to see you from different angles and measure your face. Your photo is ready almost immediately after to browse hundreds of options and "try them on."

I must have done something wrong in the set-up phase because all of the sunglasses look enormous on the virtual me. I have a small head and face so I wasn't sure if it was the app or just that the sunglasses weren't the right fit for me. It's not the same as trying on in person but it did give me a better sense of the shapes than just a photo or ordering blindly could ever do. I really like that you can select your favorites and compare them side-by-side or see them in different colors:


Ultimately I decided on these Burberry sunglasses in the only color offers- Eggplant. Shades of purples usually work well for me and it's not a color I already have.

The shipping was quick (Kristin had a difficult experience with the shipping) but they arrived in a different color- Sand. doesn't even offer the style in Sand so I don't know what happened but perhaps the app knows something I don't because I'm happy with my new shades nonetheless. I think they would be fabulous in black too.

The site appears to be working out some kinks but I'm excited to see how the technology is evolving. Being able to try on glasses and sunglasses then immediately purchase them from an app on your phone is a major game-changer. also has a promo going on right now for free lenses with every glasses order.

Be sure to visit Kristin and Carly to read about their experiences and see how they styled their sunnies.

Have a glamorous weekend!